Friday, June 7, 2013

Inspiration comes from many places. Good or bad what I read on my scale every day impacts my mood, my food intake, and exercise.

This morning as I stepped on the scale, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise of the digital reading of 144.6! It came as a surprise, because a heavy work load, combined with a prom, my son turning 17 and getting his driver's license, along with million odd family details, I haven't really focused much on my weight.

So although the skies were dark, and rainy, I prodded my dog off his comfy spot on the couch, donned a baseball cap and sneakers and wandered out for a morning walk.

Dunkin started out excited to go and ready to take on whatever the weather would bring. Running in circles, yipping and anxious for his collar and leash, we bounded out the door. It was all good. Walking at brisk pace, tail curled tightly, all indicators that he was ready to roll.

Smelling every log, stopping to make his mark at every possible opportunity, we were off. The trees helped to block the rain drops that Tropical Storm Andrea had started to bring up to NJ.

I was feeling so proud of Dunkin's sense of adventure. 
He seemed so ready to continue our 3 mile walk.                                           

But then I felt a slight change in attitude, maybe a cautious pause.
And then I knew it was over, as I looked around and Dunkin was off in the distance. Standing his ground.
Way off in the distance...I ain't going another step.

So we turned back towards home, dried off and  he found his way back to his comfy spot on the couch. Satisfied that he had done his job, putting me through my paces. Sure it was shorter than usual, but better than nothing at all.

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