Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mother of the Bride, Procastination & Trouble Spots

Here is the Aiden Mattox dress we agreed on.
The problem is...
my daughter's wedding is less than five months away.
There is quite a bit to do. My daughter is a take charge type of woman and my primary role in the affair is to do whatever she tell me to do.

That is the perfect role for me. Because I am a procrastinator, someone who works best under pressure. But weddings don't seem to fit into a "last minute- get it done" work style like mine. So it is best for me to be the passive "Yes" girl, during the next five months.

Actually, 137 days until my daughter's big day! So it is time for the mother of the bride to find a dress. This feels very similar to trying on bathing suits in February. Pastie white skin, rolls of flab and arms that look similar to crescent rolls before they are baked.

And here is what it really looks like.

Notice the "Trouble Spots"

But it isn't the dress that looks bad, and it's not me that looks bad, it's my TROUBLE SPOTS that look bad.

I guess I can't procrastinate any longer. 137 days to go and 25 lbs to lose. Wish me luck.

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