Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swinging in Maine

I love the outdoors.

For 18 years my husband and I have gone to Moosehead Lake in Maine to go camping. We started our annual camping pilgrimage as romantic,crazy in love newlyweds. We added dogs,children, family and friends each year we returned. Rain or shine it's always just what I need to detox from the stress of work and real life. 

It amazes me to see how the kids quickly adapt to a daily regimen of bike riding, kyacking, swimming and S'mores, leaving behind their daily fix of computers and video games. Of course with their Iphones, they are still in contact with Facebook, friends and the outside world, but at least not for hours at a time.

I love the wholesome feel of camping. The way we get up with the birds, have campfire coffee, and have fun outdoors all day. I sleep better on the hard floor of our tent, cushioned only by a 1 inch thick mat and a sleeping bag, then I ever do at home. 

My husband has no problem sleeping anywhere,day time, nap time or night time!

With my oldest child about to get married and my middle child entering his senior year in high school, I wonder how much longer it will be a "family" camping trip.

Our close friends joined us this year, and they had a blast too. They are real swingers if you know what I mean!

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