Thursday, August 8, 2013

1200 calories, 132 days in and 65 to go. It's all about numbers.

It was 132 days ago
that I stepped on the scales and saw the number 150. It was the day before my 54th birthday,and it wasn't a pretty day. Today the scale reads 145.8lbs, it has been a bad food week. The last scale reading was 142.8. That was the day after an uncomfortable night of discontented intestines, after eating a lump crab cake at the shore. There is an upside to diarrhea, although I really don't recommend it as a weight loss program! Then I followed that up with chocolate cake (2 pieces), at a bon voyage gathering at work for a fellow manager. Pasta,and pizza with my dad and no surprise that the scale is reading 145.8. Crap!
So today, I feel a little defeated and frustrated with my continual lapse into BEE, and other self sabotage. So I have decided to try advance meal planning. Allocating my food first thing in the morning and counting out the calories and nutrients so I know where I stand. This is easy to do today because I don't need to go to work until noon. Days that I need to get the kids off to school and be there at 8:30...well I'll cross the precipice when I get there.

Here is what breakfast, lunch and a snack look like for today. For a total of 941 calories....

Here is the nutritional grade I get on my calorie counter...
Nutrition Grade

Calorie Distribution

 Fat - 27.7%
 Pro - 29%
 Carb - 43.4%
 Alcohol - 0%
 Other - 0%

Consumed: 941 cal
Daily Target: 1,200 cal
So far so good. But there are scary things lurking around the corner, calling me, luring me to cheat, just a nibble...
Like any other addict I have  tough choices to make every day. And every day is a battle to make the right choices. Today I am turning away from the sugar addiction, the chocolate high, and as I enjoy my coffee and breakfast (241 calories), I contemplate my form of exercise for today. Should I try a Barre 3 class, go for my walk with Dunkin, or drive to the gym for a combo of cardio and weights?
My loyal training partner wins today...who could turn down such enthusiasm... 200 calories to burn today and 65 days to go until my daughter's wedding and I am not giving up. 10 pounds to lose.

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