Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Easy summer dips

Every few days I try to add in an exercise to my walking routine. Some days are better than others. The other day instead of adding a new exercise I added a major Binge Eating Episode. Usually my BEE happen at night, at home, when I am bored or stressed or angry. Sometimes all three.

This BEE happened during the day as I was wondering what I should write about on my blog. I do research on things like Human Growth Hormone or HGH, I look for role models in fitness (there don't seem to be many), I read articles on woman in business and I EAT.
Here is an example of what I ate...
Honey Wheat Pretzels and Butter
Sometimes shoveling food in my face at an alarming pace, helps me think and keeps my creative juices flowing. It is like an out of body experience, where I see myself in self destructive behavior, but I can't seem to stop the incessant hand to mouth rhythm and blues. These episodes seem to calm an inner struggle I can't identify. But mostly it just makes me feel crappy at the end of my BEE, and depressed. 

So today, instead of having a BEE, I have decided to walk, add an exercise to my routine and commit to not have another BEE, especially while writing about how I am trying desperately to lose another 8 pounds before my daughter's wedding. Which by the way is in two months and twelve days.

Dips, the exercise, not the food, were a favorite of mine, back in my heyday of being an aerobics instructor.
They target the white, mushy crescent rolls on the back of my upper arms. These are really called Triceps, so for the sake of keeping my mind off of food, I will reference my crescent rolls more professionally as Triceps.
Here is what an easy summer dip looks like:
Starting position for easy dips.

Push straight up and complete first easy summer dip!

I am doing three sets 8 easy summer dips today after my walk.  And again in two days, I am committing to my walk, 3 sets of easy summer dips, and three sets of incline push ups. There is no more time for BEE, or excuses, 73 days to go, 8 pounds to lose and a lifetime (ok, so maybe 30 years or so)of self esteem and feeling great!

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