Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 decades strong

Dial back to March 29, the day before my 54th birthday. The scale reads 150...bloated, disgusted and fed up with myself as a whole, I resolve to eat healthier, exercise more. I give myself a list of positive habits: get up at 5am, enjoy the quiet moments of the day, walk the dog, make a healthy lunch for work...yadayadayada.

I started out strong. I stopped eating bread and pasta. I researched my IDEAL weight online- 128lbs. I found a food tracker/calorie counter on line, joined an inexpensive, no frills gym.

I managed to get to the gym 2x per week, I did a walk and run on the treadmill. I walked the dog, I ate carefully and put everything that crossed my lips on the food tracker

And the weight started coming off. I dropped a little each day. Soon the scale read 146.2. Exciting!
 I was determined to get to 145.  Then it happened.

Ten days in, the self sabotage began. I cheated a little, walked the dog less, went to the gym less. Stopped putting entries in the food tracker. I cheated some more, never got up to enjoy the quiet of the day....yayayada.

Here I am today, 25 weeks until my daughter's wedding...20.8 pounds to go. What went wrong? Where is my resolve? How do I start yet again when I know my potential for failure looms large?

Bull Crap! I'm 5 decades strong and tomorrow I start again! care to join me?

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