Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Clean house or exercise

Some people might think making a simple decision or choosing between cleaning your very messy house or exercising would be easy. But not for me. I hate cleaning therefore I don't clean. My sentiments towards exercise are not quite as strong in either direction, therefore I walk for fitness. It is not painful and can be quite enjoyable based on weather, the amount of time I have and my focus. But I HATE cleaning and my attention to it is minimal and very evident by the fur balls floating around the furniture and the piles of laundry in every room.

Today I choose exercise over cleaning.
With my daughter's wedding looming in front of me and my upper arms wobbling around me, today I choose incline push ups.
Here is where I start...notice the weights underneath me...I have only used them once. Notice the broom behind me....I have only used that once as well.

Here I am in the middle of my push up. I try to hold my gut in and tighten my glutes, keeping my body straight, and not dropping my head. 

Here I am trying to push my self back up to starting position! I did 10 pushups , rested for a few minutes and did 10 more! I repeated rest and 10 push ups 5 times for a total of 50 incline push ups!

I noticed the the top of my shoulders were sore, so I need to remember to lengthen my neck and not tense up my shoulders toward my ears. I feel amazed that I am able to do any push ups at all. What could be next..squats, lunges, bicep curls?

More likely, the broom and laundry will call me, or my husband will wonder what the hell I did all day, as the dust, dirt and laundry continue to grow.

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