Sunday, July 28, 2013


BODY MASS INDEX...or BMI, what the heck does that mean to me?
Body mass index is a calculation that takes your height and weight and is an indicator of body fat, unless you are a body builder or elite athlete, and as you may have noticed, I do not fit into either of those categories.

Here is my BMI...I am considered overweight. I really didn't need to a calculator to tell me that. But it is always a good slap back to reality to have confirmation from some other source.

At 144 pounds and 5'3" here is my BMI calculation:

BMI Calculator
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Your bmi is 25.5. You are consideredoverweight.

I must confess, as I am writing this post I am consuming a glass of wine, cheese and crackers and carrots.
Here is what all of those calories look like:

Chardonnay:                             120 CALORIES
Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese:         220 CALORIES
Triscuit Crackers:                       120 CALORIES
Carrots:                                     35 CALORIES         

GRAND TOTAL:                          495 CALORIES

Not a bad meal. At least I am hitting several food groups.

As soon as I lose another 4 pounds, I will be considered "normal" for my BMI.
Since it has taken me 4 months to lose 6 pounds, I guess I won't be "normal" until after my daughter's October wedding.  

Tomorrow is another day. I plan on a strong paced 4 mile walk with Dunkin, which will help jump start those next four pounds. So I can be normal...or at least my BMI will be.

Anyone for another glass of wine?

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